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The Children of the Sky

I am so upset that I’ll write this post in English, on a fucking phone, at 3:00 AM.

I just finished reading the latest book by Vernor VingeThe Children of the Sky.

The book is good somehow, if you just like reheated ideas and served again after 20 years. It starts around the time where the first book ends and goes on around the world of Tines picturing the struggle of Ravna Bergnsdot. The characters are believable, you may even care about some, hate others.

Now lets get to the what made this book the biggest sequel disappointment of the year:

  • Science Fiction… well, not in this book, just some mambo jumbo political triller or something like that in a familiar scenery of the first book of the series;
  • no new ideas;
  • the book is big and tells you nothing, it’s just a series of plots that will end I hope in the next book of the series; Vernor Vinge just pulled “a george martin”, this book is just like the last book from the Game of Thrones (A Dance with Dragons), maybe even worse;
  • it ends in a big fucking “to be continued”.

If you can get past what I said you should probably go ahead and read it. I wont go in further details to spoil the action. I would say this is the worst book of the series, with the previous being the best.

Vernor Vinge The Children of the Sky